The first of many.

I am an author of young adult fantasy, as well as general fiction. My first book, The Falling, was recently published through the Australia-based, independent publisher Nightchaser Ink. The Falling is Book One of the Forest Spirit Series, which chronicles the slow destruction of an enchanted Forest prompted by a spiritual uprising within its sacred trees. I’ve just completed Book Two, which is entitled The Haunting, and hope to have it released either by the end of this year or early next year.

My second publication this year was a short story within an anthology, entitled Perchance to Dream, which retells classic Shakespearean works for the updated, young adult genre. I wrote a story entitled The Desperate Warrior and the Beast Who Walks Without Sound. This story is one of my all time favorite shorts that I’ve written to date.

I hope that this blog will become somewhat of a vessel in which to provide information about my current works, get reader feedback, and also to share a peek into my crazy life.

Both books I’ve mentioned are available for purchase. Just click on “Links to Books” .

Happy Reading! I’ll post some more juicy tidbits soon.


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