24 hour fast

Two days ago I decided to try something that I’ve been interested in doing for some time now. Starting at 8pm on Saturday night, I began a 24 hour fast. All I was able to have for the next 24 hours was water (with or without lemon and/or cucumber) and tea (I chose green and detox). There are a myriad of reasons to fast– I did it for spiritual and body cleansing/detoxification purposes. It’s just an added bonus that it also is great for weight management as well, but that’s not why I chose to do it.

While the fast was, at times, extremely difficult, I have to say overall it was thoroughly rewarding. Though I spent most of my day yesterday counting down the hours until I could finally eat, I noticed that I had an increased awareness of my body and soul that I hadn’t experienced in awhile. When 8pm finally rolled around last night, I remember thinking that I felt as though I could have even continued the fast for longer. But once that banana, grapes, and later burrito and fish taco hit my mouth, I was in pure ecstasy. Food tasted differently– better in fact– than I recalled, and I found I had even a difficult time chewing after having not done it for so many hours.

There were times when, of course, I wanted to give up. But thanks to the support of my husband, I was able to stick it out and make it the whole 24 hours. During that time, I noticed that I had an increased sense of smell, colors were more vibrant, and noises sounded as though they were somewhat far away. Almost like a high of some kind. I also noticed that my husband’s face looked different, and I found him to be more handsome than I ever had before. I’ve also always been a sensitive, able to pick up on energies and see auras, and I found during the fast that my senses in that arena were heightened and then some. There is also a sense of clarity and introspection that you experience during a fast, and you truly become one with your body and soul.

Overall, I’m very happy I did the fast. Today I awoke with more energy than I had felt in a long time, and I’ve discovered to my delight that I was able to sleep better (with pretty wonderful dreams, in fact), and my metabolism sped up significantly. My husband even commented (much to my annoyance as a glorified curmudgeon) that my attitude was way better and more positive than it normally is. I highly recommend this fast to anyone game to try it, and trust me, even though it’s difficult, you won’t regret that you did it. Next time, I’ll try to go for longer, and I plan on implementing shorter, 16 hour fasts a couple of times a week. It really makes you feel THAT good.


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