All Alone Am I

Well, my husband is off for an all day float down the Russian river, and where am I? Home alone with the baby, just like any other typical weekday. To save myself from utter and eventual insanity, I allowed my daughter to have one of her birthday presents a little over a week early. It’s a pretend garden, complete with worms popping out of the ground, a spider building a web, and a bee buzzing around a flower. It also has a cool velcro backdrop where you can “plant” grapes, flowers, tomatoes on their respective vines. I have to say, it’s pretty darn cool, and I’m amazed at how advanced children’s toys are nowadays compared to when I was a kid back in the Stone Age.

I got a decent amount of writing done already, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby wakes up at any given moment now. She’s already surpassed her typical hour and a half nap, even though I’d personally much prefer her to sleep somewhere in excess of at least two hours. But of course, baby has a different idea of the length of time she can pry her adorable, squishy little self away from the living incubator who now provides her sustenance (though I guess I was a sustenance provider even back when I was a human incubator).

I have two books that I am seriously debating self publishing solely for the purpose of churning them out as fast as humanely possible. I have so many projects that I would like to be working on, that I often find it difficult to have to spend so much time and energy on just one. A lot of times I just want to get to the crux, then subsequently, the end of each story in a timely fashion similar to my experiences reading books.

My train of thought is drifting off through Wonderland somewhere, so now I would like to shimmy into my excited thoughts of my upcoming trip to Oahu. It will be my daughter’s first trip as well as first time on an airplane, so we will see how that goes. I have a lot of family in Honolulu from my mother’s side, so it will be nice to see some long lost faces (I haven’t visited since I was 16). I hope to get some work done while I’m there, but the likelihood of that happening is pretty darn slim.

Anyway, now I feel like browsing through horror movies. Alas, until we meet again!


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