Get Ready for Book 2 of The Forest Spirit series: The Haunting!

The Haunting was officially accepted by my publisher, Nighchaser Ink Publishing. I eagerly look forward to my contract, which should arrive in the mail within the next month or so hopefully (due to the fact that my publisher is out of Perth, Australia). What I am most excited about currently, however, is the cover design for the book, which will likely be created in the coming weeks as well. I will post it on here as soon as I get the green light from the publisher’s CEO to do so. The cover designer for Nightchaser Ink is beyond amazing, and I am continually astounded by the covers she is able to churn out in a short period of time. She is thorough, yet very detailed, and the color schemes are always amazing and vibrant. I cannot wait to see what she does for The Haunting!

In the meantime, I’m passing my days by working on a borderline general fiction/fantasy full length novel. It’s about an adolescent girl, the deterioration of a lifelong friendship, a blossoming new friendship, a kidnapping, and love found in the most unlikely of situations. My favorite aspect of the book is the protagonist’s name, which I will not reveal just yet. I plan on revealing the title of the book, which involves the girl’s name, once the book is completed and I’ve either gotten it approved by my publisher, or created the ISBN if I should decide to self-publish it on my own. The only reason I would choose to self-publish this book would be for the purpose of getting it released quickly, just so I have multiple books ‘out there’. I haven’t decided which pen name I will use yet. There are quite a few young adult elements to the novel, but then again, quite a few adult themed elements as well. This is something I need to spend a little more time pondering. As of right now, I’m 2/3 of the way done with my first draft. Then it’ll be an editing rewrite, another read-through with edits, and finally, a completed manuscript. This is one of my favorite books that I’ve written thus far, and I truly hope that it ends up grabbing a lot of readers from various walks of life. It’s easy to relate to, and yet also somewhat distant from reality in certain actualities. There’s even one scene in particular which may incite me to deny my mother the pleasure of reading this one, but again, I won’t reveal why just yet.

Stay tuned for more updates! I will post them here as soon as I am able to.


5 thoughts on “Get Ready for Book 2 of The Forest Spirit series: The Haunting!

    • Thanks so much, Lyssa! Actually, it’s somewhat serendipitous that you should mention that, about the genre. My old agent wanted to classify the series as new adult, as well as another book I’m thinking of releasing soon. I was just thinking about all of this today! Do you think I should just use one pen name for all my books, just classify my more adult themed books as New Adult? I already have a cover for the paranormal romance under a different pen name, but maybe I could make that name for that one series…
      Anywho aside from all my incessant babbling… What did you mean by going indie? I’m still learning everything, I only just found out what Camp Nano was a couple of months ago, haha.
      Hope you’re doing well! I miss working with you. You taught me so much and I’ve been using what I’ve learned in all my works since Perchance to Dream!


      • Awesome! πŸ™‚ I’m glad I have been able to help! I think either way would work, really. I am hoping to publish historical fiction when I’m done with my YA trilogy, and I am planning on using a different pen name for that if and when I do. But I think it would only be just for the historical stuff, and most of my writing will be under this name. So I don’t think it would be weird to have one pen name that you use less often than the other. Probably if it’s NA, it would make sense to have it linked to your YA name? That seems to be what most authors I’ve seen do. Like Alicia, who wrote “Onyx” in Perchance to Dream – she has a few NA series she publishes under her Alicia Michaels pen name, as well as the YA stuff. But she also writes adult romance under Elise Marion. So that’s sort of how I’ve seen most people split it, anyway.

        Ah, indie is another word for self-publishing/pubbing without a publisher. It’s just less syllables XD Pretty much everything I have learned about indie publishing I got from Susan Kaye Quinn’s website/Indie Author Survival Guide:!for-writers/c1anl She has a great breakdown of the terms and tips and stuff like that, which is a huge help!! I definitely recommend you check it out, it has been a huge lifesaver for me.

        I am doing well, just working on finishing up the first book in my YA trilogy and trying not to keel over from it, haha! I need to blog more often!


      • Thanks so much for the advice! I will definitely check out Kaye Quinn, and the stuff about the different pen names really helped shine some light on the issue! I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and feel like I have more clarity now.
        You know, I may just be asking you for some help with the novel I want to self publish soon. I really appreciate the offer! When I initially self published The Falling I ran into quite a few hiccups so I’m hoping this time it will go more smoothly.
        I can’t wait to read your YA trilogy! Definitely keep me posted! πŸ™‚


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