More about A Girl Named Dracula

Now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I’d like to share more about my most recent book: A Girl Named Dracula.

This is a story I hold very dear to my heart, as there are quite a few rough similarities between the happenings of the book and my real life. Yes, I love Jerry Lewis, to the point of obsession. Yes, I only like oldies music and a couple of modern day bands (except nowadays, pretty much the only modern day music I listen to is The Libertines). Yes, I had a major falling out with a lifelong best friend because of her rejection from my prestigious high school. And yes, some of the flashback stories are very roughly based in truth, though most of the flashbacks only have a hint of truth and a whole lot of exaggeration.

However, a lot of things in the story are very different from my real life. I’ve never been kidnapped. I don’t have that special way with dogs that Dracula has. I’ve never known anyone who looked like Jerry Lewis (God, I wish!), nor did I have any kind of sexual encounter even remotely similar to any of the events portrayed in the story. Lucci is really nothing like my old best friend (maybe in the smallest degree, but Lucci is a million times more horrible than my friend ever was), and while my old best friend did get a new best friend at her different school, the girl was nothing like Kelly (I actually got along with my old best friend’s new best friend… most of the time).

Probably the most accurate part of A Girl Named Dracula in regards to my own life is the Jessica character. Jessica is, in fact, the name of my current best friend, and the physical description of her is spot on. Jessica’s attitude, demeanor, and overall coolness is pretty darn accurate to the story as well. As is Dracula’s admiration of her. Obviously I am quite enamored with Jessica, and that is probably the truest part of the book.

This is a book that was not only fun to write, but wonderful to read upon completion. And I have– read it, that is– numerous times since I’ve been done, and it still gets me every time. I love this novel, and really hope you do too. And I think you will.


A Girl Named Dracula by K.L. Teal

Here is my newest book, written under my pen name that I use for books outside of the fantasy genre. It is, I think, my favorite book that I’ve written thus far. It is set to be released on Tuesday, October 6th.