Thinking about how much I love my parents.

Today I had a lovely visit from my mother and aunt. My aunt is sixteen years older than my mom, and is just one of my mother’s six siblings– five sisters and one brother. All of that side of my family, besides my mom, currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii. My mother grew up there, but moved to San Francisco after she graduated from University of Hawaii.

My aunt is 87 years old, but could easily pass for almost two decades younger. She’s visiting my mom for an entire month, which is great because my mom is all alone in our family home. Except for the lingering spirit of my recently deceased father, that is, and a very high maintenance cat. I try to visit whenever possible, but as it is I live nearly sixty miles away, and even brief trips require a lot of planning and organization, thanks to my beloved eleven month old. My mother comes to visit me once a week and FaceTimes my daughter daily.

If I can be half the mother to my daughter that my mom was to me, I can die happy. My mother is the epitome of acceptance, wholly admirable in her patience threshold, and goes beyond unconditional loving (if that’s even possible). She raised three very smart, passionate, creative, and witty children… Who were not easy to handle, let me tell you. But we all turned out just fine, and I think a lot of that credit goes to our mother.

The rest of the credit is bestowed upon our father. He was the funniest man you’d ever meet– clever and quick-witted as they came. He was an overachieving businessman, very practical, and yet extremely kindhearted. He was a big teddy bear, even though his gruff voice and overall curmudgeonly demeanor didn’t necessarily announce that description. He had a huge soft spot for his children, and would have done anything just to make us happy. There is not one minute that passes by each day that I do not miss him. I often reminisce on what it felt like to hug him, what he smelled like, how I remember his voice sounding. He was the most amazing man I’ve ever met (aside from my husband, but I would not have found such a great husband had I not been blessed with the father I had). My heart aches when I think about how he will never meet my daughter in this lifetime, but I’m comforted every time I see a quick flash of blue light hovering around her. I know that he’s here, watching over her, and I know that he always will be. People knew not to mess with my dad when he was alive, and I almost feel like anyone with ill intentions had better worry all the more now that he’s in spirit form. He’ll make his presence known, and even in death he continues to have a way of sharing his opinions with me.

It’s pouring outside right now… despite it being the middle of July in California, and I can’t help but remember how my father loved the sound and smell of the rain. He’s probably enjoying every moment of it.


Some thoughts on The Haunting, Book 2 of The Forest Spirit Series.

Currently I’m gearing up to submit the sequel to The Falling, entitled The Haunting, to my publisher. Back before I had a baby, I had the luxury of writing when I wanted, and how long I wanted. Nowadays that just simply isn’t possible, but I try my best to make time for my passion. The Haunting was written almost immediately upon completion of The Falling, and so the reader will be able to enjoy that sense of a flowing tale that transcends more than one generation. I have outlined Book 3, but have yet to start the actual writing process. It’s been nearly three years since The Falling and The Haunting were written. Back then, Lenore wasn’t even a blip of thought in my mind, and I was blessed enough to be represented by a very well-established, very accomplished literary agent (who has since passed away, unfortunately). So I am now on my own. Yikes!

The title of Book 2, The Haunting, sheds some slight insight into the happenings of this novel. Yes, there are ghosts. Yes, the Forest is experiencing a haunting unlike one any forest has ever seen. And yes, Rowan is back.

I’ve always had a strange, often morbid fascination with death, though I like to refer to this interest as part of my overall macabre nature. I am, after all, a Pisces. I often have a myriad of horror story ideas running through my head at any given time, yet something has always prevented me from actually writing a full length horror novel. Well, since I was a little kid, that is, and that used to be all I ever wrote, and I guess I don’t consider those legitimate novels.

I’m not sure why I never really sat down and wrote my own great American ghost story, though one day I fully intend on doing just that. Part of me wonders if I can ever really “go there” with the intense and terrifying content one expects from a true horror novel, but the other part of me, my macabre side, knows that I can absolutely achieve that and then some. The Haunting does “go there” in a sense, but is still aimed at the Young Adult genre, so expect the scares to be more PG-13. But one day, I promise you, the R-rated horror novel will raise its ugly head, though likely under a different pen name. We will have to wait and see.

Anyway, back to The Haunting. The Haunting embodies all of the scariness and intensity that I held back in The Falling, although if you have read the latter you know well that what happens to Nessaba accurately fits those descriptions. I wanted to focus more on setting the overall scene in The Falling, and also give the reader a peek into the natures of the beings, animals, and Higher Spirits in question. The Haunting represents the prickles in your skin when you pass by a cemetery at night, the disembodied screams you think you hear off in the distance as you’re drifting off to sleep, and the flicker of light, mist, black shadow, or movement you “think” you see out of the corner of your eye. The Haunting pushes the Forest to the near brink of its existence, and even I often wonder– What could possibly do more damage than that?

When a location is haunted, the entire feel and overall energy of the place becomes thick. The air reeks of a sinister nature, and invisible eyes scroll up and down any body that dares enter. It plays off your fear. It feeds off your anxiety. And barely even audible, it whispers softly in your ear, telling you to enact the negative thoughts that trickle through your brain every now and then. You would never do that thing in real life, but something about this location influences. Are you strong enough to withstand such pressing thoughts? Most people are. The influential, unlucky ones, are not.

The Haunting is my favorite book that I’ve written thus far in my life. And hopefully, someday soon, you will be enjoying it too. I recommend reading it at night. 😉

The Falling

The Falling Nightchaser Ink Cover

An entire Forest is swept into a drastic upheaval when a protective Higher Spirit, Labete, falls from grace and succumbs to his negative Spirits counterpart. The change is sensed by the many Kingdoms of animals and beings within the Forest, yet King Alston, ruler of the Nymph Kingdom, refuses to take action and thus the Forest begins its own experience of falling into the darkness…

But there may be hope for the kingdoms of this Forest. Narena, a willful young nymph along with her clever tree-whispering brother, Nyxen, and debonair warrior Kellen join forces with Hawthorne, a sage salamander, to save their Forest and restore its natural balance of good and evil. Along the way, they are aided by sassy warrior faery Sebillon, as well as several Forest witches, all desperate to help the Forest’s plight and ultimately, save the kingdoms. It will not be easy however, as entities sent by Labete and spirits influenced by the darkness are dead set on preventing them from reaching their main goal– to awaken the Yew, the Highest Spirit and only Spirit powerful enough to destroy Labete.

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I am amazed at my daughter… A typical parent I suppose.

People tell you time will fly once you have kids. People also say that you’ll be amazed at the things your kid does. Both statements are understatements. As I sit here on my bed, watching my daughter play with her endless array of toys, I am overcome with a deep, love-based astonishment. Every parent thinks their kid is a genius, or the most beautiful baby, or whatever else accomplishment they secretly hope will one day come to fruition. I once chuckled at that thought, but now I find myself completely submerged– no, drowning– in those sentiments. I just want my daughter to lead a happy, fulfilling life– and whatever that entails for her own existence is completely up to her. I want all of that for her. All of that, and more.

The first of many.

I am an author of young adult fantasy, as well as general fiction. My first book, The Falling, was recently published through the Australia-based, independent publisher Nightchaser Ink. The Falling is Book One of the Forest Spirit Series, which chronicles the slow destruction of an enchanted Forest prompted by a spiritual uprising within its sacred trees. I’ve just completed Book Two, which is entitled The Haunting, and hope to have it released either by the end of this year or early next year.

My second publication this year was a short story within an anthology, entitled Perchance to Dream, which retells classic Shakespearean works for the updated, young adult genre. I wrote a story entitled The Desperate Warrior and the Beast Who Walks Without Sound. This story is one of my all time favorite shorts that I’ve written to date.

I hope that this blog will become somewhat of a vessel in which to provide information about my current works, get reader feedback, and also to share a peek into my crazy life.

Both books I’ve mentioned are available for purchase. Just click on “Links to Books” .

Happy Reading! I’ll post some more juicy tidbits soon.